AgileOps has amassed a wealth of experience with the Atlassian product suite and offers a wide array of Atlassian services to help you maximize your Atlassian investment

Services Offerings

Product Suite

Not sure which Atlassian products meet your business needs or how to get the most out of the Atlassian products you have purchased? Our consulting and implementation services will help you leverage the full power of the Atlassian product suite, delivering the results you desire with efficiency

Marketplace Apps

Choosing the right Marketplace apps to customize or enhance your Atlassian products might be pretty daunting. We will assist you with selection, configuration and implementation. Strengthen the performance of your current products while also avoiding the risks associated with third-party apps

Custom Apps Development

With our experience in consulting and implementing Atlassian solutions, we will develop apps that provide the extra functionality you need to get the most out of the Atlassian suite. Our developers are well trained in Agile, Ops and all things Atlassian, so be assured our custom apps will fully align with your needs

Migration and Merge

Lose no sleep over moving, merging and consolidating your Jira and Confluence sites between server, cloud and data center hostings. With our migration strategy and implementation, the transition will be smooth, with no loss of critical data, minimal downtime and optimized performance

Integrations & Scripting

Want to use Atlassian products in conjunction with your current enterprise stack? We make the tools talk to each other, with no meaning lost in translation. Our integration services streamline technology, optimize alignment and enhance collaboration

Our Atlassian Experts