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  • We are a team of versatile and elite IT professionals certified and trusted by Atlassian, AWS, Kubernetes,, ISQTB
  • Information Technology and Computer Engineering is tough. Let us help you build your next innovative product, adopt the right toolchain on your digital transformation journey or improve your IT infrastructure.
  • So that you could solely focus on your business perspectives and what matters.
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Our Team

Teaming up from seasoned IT professionals, we are a cross-functional team with diverse backgrounds from Agile, DevSecOps, Mobile Web Development and UI/UX


Kiet Ngo

AgileOps Lead

Kiet set the first AgileOps cornerstone by self-teaching Atlassian mastery years ago. He eventually certified with every certification Atlassian has ever published and became the first Atlassian Certified Expert ever in Vietnam.

He then decide to take a similar route with AWS, certified with most AWS Professional & Specialty certifications.

Is Kiet just an autodidact who wants to learn random things?

Indeed, he looks to add up these two flavors: Atlassian (Agile) and AWS (Ops) - on top of something else that he has been doing for a decade so far - custom software development.


Duy Nguyen

Agile Evangelist

Following in Kiet's footsteps, Duy also self taught himself with Atlassian mastery and become the second-most Atlassian Certified Expert in Vietnam. But Duy curiously looks things differently at a business-oriented perspective, so he is keen on how to utilize the Jira, Jira Service Management to streamline business processes, optimize operational workflows and digitalize organizations.

Lately he has explored the integration between Atlassian suite with no-code platforms such as Zapier, Google Sheets, and Airtable to achieve his goals.


Minh Luu

DevOps Practitioner

Early in his career, Minh established his mastery on mobile development and became the most wanted mobile freelancer. Once mastering his expertise on the frontend, Minh quickly ramp up an impressive portfolio on DevOps and AWS infrastructure world. He is now both an AWS and Kubernetes certified.

Today, Minh has a rare blend of skill sets on both mobile and DevOps, making him a valuable asset to both AgileOps and our clients.


Hau Tran

Mobile Guru

Moderate mobile developers know either iOS or Android. Great developers know both.

Great cross-platform mobile developers master with at least one platform among Flutter, React Native or Xamarin.

Hau is an extraordinary mobile developer - He masters all of those 5 platforms. If one has to spend 10,000 hours to master a skill, Hau spends his entire career to master all.


Tam Phan

Web Wizard

From the first day of his professional career back in 2013, Tam has determined on mastering the art of creating elegant web applications. To date, he has mastered all major Javascript frameworks, from the old-timer Angular, ADJ Vue to the versatile React. Tam is also well-versed with SPA and SSR tradeoffs, advising our clients on when to favor one over the other. Like Hau, Tam is our go-to person for anything related to web development.


Ngoc Vu

UI/UX Sorcerer

A result-oriented, high qualified, and cost-effective visionary designer, Ngoc always delights our clients with innovative approaches and ground-breaking outputs. Every single web page and mobile screen is transformed with her magic touch. It’s definitely not an exaggeration to say that Ngoc is universally loved - she is constantly fully booked by our clients.

Our Services


We offer a vast array of Atlassian services, all with a single purpose: helping you get the most out of your Atlassian investment.


Whether it’s mobile, web or UI/UX, we design, develop and deploy solutions that meet (and often exceed) your requirements.


With a heavy focus on AWS and Kubernetes, we will help you manage, strengthen and optimize your infrastructure, processes and tools.

Our Clients